Harvest profits
from overlooked places.


Sell process-grade & excess produce to create additional revenue streams.

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How It Works

  • Full Harvest has helped us to make additional revenue and create more sustainable farming practices.

    We want do business with them for the next 100 years.
    — Garrett, California Greens Farmer
  • Full Harvest helps increase revenue back to the farm by purchasing the choice, #2 grade or processing grade items. It’s a Win – Win situation for everyone!
    — Brenda, President - Large Organic Grower
  • Full Harvest is the future of food - we need to be more resourceful and use all of what we grow.
    — Matt, California Organic Grower
  • Healthy food doesn’t always look 100% in appearance and Full Harvest embraces that. Their mission for sustainability and limiting waste, while keeping a conscience mind of the environment, is admirable. We couldn’t agree more.
    — Clarissa, Large Mexico Grower

Fuller harvests, fuller profits.

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