Effortless buying that improves your company's bottom line.

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Buy surplus and imperfect produce direct from farms to lower your cost of goods.

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How It Works

  • Our experience with Full Harvest has been fantastic since Day 1.

    We are excited about our partnership, including an 'Ugly & Awesome' juice made with their imperfect produce.
    — Rachel, Project Juice
  • The produce we’ve purchased from Full Harvest has been beautiful in quality and taste.

    It’s hard to believe this produce gets thrown out just because it doesn’t meet retailer aesthetic standards.
    — Jessica, Large National Juice Company
  • Full Harvest has become a true partner for us - helping us reduce our costs, shore up our supply, and overall enhance the performance of our produce purchasing group.
    — Brett, Wildbrine

Help your brand. Help the earth.


Tell the world you use the most sustainable produce on the market. 

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