Stop Food Waste Day: Become a Food Waste Warrior and make a pledge!
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ReFed reports that consumer education is the most important solution to food waste itself. This Stop Food Waste Day, we encourage you to educate yourself on the food waste problem and how it’s affecting you and our Earth every day. We urge you to use these resources for facts, tips and solutions on how we can reduce and eliminate food waste.


A few easy ways for you to make a huge impact in your daily life are:

  • Always compost → food in landfills is one of the largest contributors to unnecessary methane)

  • Always take home leftovers → you can always eat them later, give them to a homeless person or compost them

Project Drawdown

The first ever comprehensive plan to reversing climate change. Food waste is listed as the #3 way to reverse climate change - over beef consumption and solar!

Stop Food Waste Day

Here are ten tips to keep in mind this Stop Food Waste Day.


ReFED was formed to build a different future, where food waste prevention is recognized as an untapped strategy that can save resources, create jobs, alleviate hunger, conserve water, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Become a food waste warrior and sign the Stop Food Waste Pledge with the Full Harvest Team!

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Full Harvest: An Official CCOF Organic Broker

What exactly does Certified Organic mean? “Organic standards address many factors: soil quality, animal raising, pest and weed control, and use of input materials. Materials approved for and prohibited from organic production can be found on the National List.” Most people don’t know that Certified Organic also means that it is non-GMO.


Before CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), the integrity of consumer products and produce had not been challenged. CCOF was founded in California over 40 years ago on the belief to advance organic agriculture for a healthier world. CCOF is supported by an organic family of farmers, ranchers, processors, retailers, consumers, and policymakers. This agency is recognized nationally and internationally.


Like CCOF, Full Harvest is dedicated to helping healthier products become the norm. While we sell both conventional and organic produce, our CCOF certification means that all of our organic produce is certified and that we are committed to the organic movement.


You can be further assured of our transparent, certified produce supply chain.

A Fresh New Look for 2018

San Francisco, CA: Full Harvest announces today our new company identity and brand refresh. The new branding reflects our company growth as well as our dedication to solving food waste.

“I am excited to have created a more mature and current look and feel. We have grown a lot since our early days, having now sold millions of pounds of produce that would have otherwise gone to waste. Now that we are working with major food and beverage companies, we wanted a logo that could become an industry mark and depicts our sustainability mission,” said founder Christine Moseley.

The new Full Harvest website reinforces our vision and illustrates our core values as a company. Users of our marketplace will see the new design aesthetic go into effect today and will continue to enjoy the ease of the platform.

Full Harvest selected Hungry Studio, headquartered in New York, to partner with on the relaunch journey. “We loved working with such a passionate design team with expertise in the food space to develop the brand vision of the company,” said Christine.

“We have big plans for the next few years and the brand relaunch is just the beginning of what’s to come. We continue to stay committed to solving farm food waste in a large, scalable way and creating a world with 100% full harvests.”

Our team is excited to begin 2018 with a fresh new look ahead.

We are Full Harvest.

Reduced Food Waste: #3 Way to Reverse Climate Change

The potential consequences of climate change can be a daunting and overwhelming. With all the doom and gloom being spread in the news today, it can be easy for one to lose hope.

A new book by Project Drawdown called “Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming” provides an optimistic, yet achievable path forward. Project Drawdown is a climate change mitigation project initiated by Paul Hawken and climate activist Amanda Joy Ravenhill.  They gathered a diverse group of over 65 researchers and 127 experts from around the world to identify, research, model, and rank the 100 most substantive solutions to reverse climate change. The solutions proposed are not simply hypothetical, they are based on proven real-world models and backed by years of research.

The projected results are surprising, to say the least. If the proposed ideas are implemented, they will eliminate a combined 1 trillion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2050. This will not only help us stay below the dangerous 2°C temperature increase the United Nations say we must stay below, but will also create new jobs and economic opportunities.

‘Reduced Food Waste’ was ranked the #3 most impactful solution in the fight against global warming, even over solar and beef consumption! And out of the top 20 largest climate impacts, 8 are food related. This data further reinforces how critical our work at Full Harvest is for our future on this planet.

The top 10 solutions, in order of greatest impact, are shown below:

Image credit: Shecco - Accelerate America  Accelerate America #24 April 2017

Image credit: Shecco - Accelerate America Accelerate America #24 April 2017

If interested, order the Project Drawdown book and learn how you can do your part to protect our earth for future generations.

Full Harvest Founder, Christine Moseley, Receives Unilever Young Entrepreneur Award

Of 1,300+ applicants from around the world (and 128 countries), we are excited to announce that our founder, Christine Moseley, is one of the eight winners of the Unilever Young Entrepreneur Award.


The Award recognizes 18 to 35 year olds who are putting their sustainable ideas into action. These changemakers and innovators are the leaders and future of sustainability.

Christine will travel to London at the end of this month for tailored mentoring sessions provided by the experts from Unilever and the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. She will pitch in hopes to receive an additional award, the Prince of Wales Young Sustainability Entrepreneur Prize.

Congratulations to the eight finalists- together we can bring positive change!

Follow our social media to stay up-to-date on Christine’s London accelerator experience and help us spread the word of our mission.

Food & Wine Names Christine Moseley #2 'Most Innovative Woman in Food & Drink'

Fortune and Time Inc. sister publication Food & Wine announces ‘2017 Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink.’ 

This list of 20 women is transforming the way we eat and drink. “From empowering chefs to become agents for social change to tackling food waste to cultivating a better workplace, these trailblazers and trendsetters are raising the bar and reshaping our world.” —Christine Quinlan, Jillian Kramer and Ray Isle

Full Harvest’s founder, Christine Moseley, tops the list at #2, alongside some familiar faces. Investor and friend, Susan Lyne of BBG Ventures, and Co-Founder of Health-Ade Kombucha, Daina Trout.

The article translates Full Harvest’s win-win idea for everyone across the food supply chain,

“In addition to reducing waste, the program generates more revenue for farmers and, since ugly produce costs less than pretty produce, saves buyers money. And it all happens online, with just a few clicks.”

Congrats to all of the amazing, innovative women that also made the list!

Source: From Food & Wine, “2017 Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink

Forbes Ranks Full Harvest in 'The 25 Most Innovative Ag-Tech Startups'

Thank you Forbes for including us in the Top 25 Most Innovative Ag-Tech Startup List!

To find the most innovative and game-changing companies, Forbes surveyed the agricultural technology landscape by speaking with experts, venture capitalists and accelerators; then, they examined each company’s financials and agricultural credentials and released their top picks at the Forbes AgTech Summit.


At Full Harvest, we’re striving to disrupt the food supply chain at the root level and to help make healthy foods affordable to everyone. To be recognized alongside so many high-potential startups that are changing the food system is both humbling and reassuring that we are onto something big!

Full Harvest Wins United Fresh 2017 Innovation Award

As one of 46 finalists, Full Harvest was voted by attendees as the top winner in its category.

Special thanks to our investor Radicle for securing our spot in the conference and to the organizers of the United Fresh conference!

Congratulations to all of the winners! Special shout-out goes to Veggie Noodle Co. for winning the Best New Vegetable Product category. We are a big fan of their organic Veggiccine noodles.

We had a blast and we can't wait to attend next year's event!

Source: United Fresh Produce Association’s 2017 Innovation Awards